Ledger Nano S Usage Guide
This guide will show you how to use your Ledger Nano S hardware wallet with Binance Chain and Binance DEX.
Please Note: When using a Ledger to secure your Binance Chain wallet your private keys are not exposed and never leave the device, guarding you
against loss, malware and phishing attacks. Therefore, using a hardware wallet device such as the Ledger Nano S is strongly recommended over
using a less secure wallet storage method that relies on your computer’s local storage, such as Keystore File.
In order to use a Ledger device with Binance Chain and Binance DEX, you will need:
A supported web browser: Chrome (including Brave, Vivaldi, and other Chromium variants), Opera or Firefox
Access to the Binance Chain web wallet (https://binance.org/unlock) using your web browser
An initialized Ledger Nano S device with firmware version 1.5.5 or newer
The Ledger Live application installed on your computer for app installation
App Installation Instructions
1) Plug in and unlock your Ledger device, open Ledger Live on your computer, then open the “Manager” pane.
App Installation Instructions
2) Within the “Manager” pane, type in “Binance” in the search field. Locate “Binance Chain”, then click on “Install”.
App Installation Instructions
3) The Binance app will now install on your Ledger device.
App Installation Instructions
4) When you see a popup message indicating “Successfully installed Binance Chain”, the installation is complete.